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Transgender Rights Toolkit: A Legal Guide For Trans People And Their Advocates

diplomaThis fact sheet is a joint publication of Lambda Legal and the Consortium of Higher Education LGBT Resource Professionals.”

“Everyone deserves to receive an education free from harassment, discrimination and violence. Yet these problems commonly plague transgender students pursuing a university degree, sometimes even before they set foot on campus.

“It all starts with the application. Transgender students’ applications can be subject to extra scrutiny, especially at single-sex or religiously affiliated institutions. Transgender students are often denied admission altogether when the institutions fail to have systems in place that recognize students’ identity, particularly non-binary identities.

“For transgender students who are admitted, campuses routinely fail to affirm their identities and deny them appropriate housing, restrooms and locker rooms. Changing the legal name and gender marker on one’s student ID card, class rosters, transcript, diploma and other educational records is unnecessarily complex and time-consuming at some institutions—and expressly prohibited on most campuses.

“The effect of such policies is to block equal access to education.”

Read More: Transgender Rights Toolkit


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