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David Denson’s Huge Leap Conceals Pro Sports’ Problem with Gay Players


Photograph: Four Seam Images/AP

“The day before Milwaukee Brewers minor league player David Denson announced he is gay, the first openly gay professional football player walked away from his sport. Michael Sam said he worried for his mental health. The juxtaposition of these two events shows just how far pro sports has to go to accept a gay athlete.

“When Sam spoke of worries for his mental health, he was undoubtedly referring to the pressure of trying to break through in a sports world that is still unsure how to handle gay athletes. Jim Popp, the Canadian general manager, said as much earlier this summer after Sam left Popp’s Montreal Alouettes for a few weeks.

“When he came out and said he was gay, he had no idea what all was coming his way,” Popp told the Guardian in June.”

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