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He. She. Zhe.

pronouns“It was the first day of class. Again.

“As a seasoned faculty member, my initial class prep has dwindled from months to… well, let’s just say… much less time than I needed as a rookie. I have notes from the previous semester on what worked and didn’t work, and I keep track of ideas for new readings and assignments. Instead of starting from scratch in the fall, I have a good sense of what I want to change, add, or delete.

“This fall, my syllabus was ready. My Blackboard site was ready. My pre-game playlist was ready. I was finishing up last-minute details right before class when I decided to do something different. Something minor. Or so I thought.

“Instead of taking attendance, I use a sign-in sheet to save time. On the first day’s sign-in sheet, I have four columns: student name, preferred name, preferred email address, and signature. I print the student name as listed on my roster, and I ask students to fill in their preferred name. I include this column because students often want to be called something other than their name as it appears on official documents. For example, Joshua David prefers to be called “J.D.,” or Deborah prefers “Deb.”

“This semester, I decided not to ask for preferred email address. Using the email listed in Blackboard will save me the hassle of inputting new email addresses. Then, perhaps triggered by the word “preferred,” in place of “preferred email address,” I decided to put ‘preferred pronoun.'”

Read More: Nyasha Junior


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