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One of the Guys: Princeton Football Player Comes Out Publicly Days Before Kickoff

“Mason Darrow was in a slump. The freshman offensive lineman for the Princeton Tigers had made it into a couple of games in the 2013 season, but his practices one defining week in early November were a mess. He was slow making calls and his feet were stuck in the mud.

“His racing mind was getting in the way of his performance with internal questions he was increasingly tired of answering.

“Walking to the sideline after a particularly poor play, Darrow’s head hung low. The strong breeze of autumn brought a chill, the sun setting behind the rainbow of oak and maple trees lining the athletic facilities on campus. A thousand miles from home and playing badly, loneliness and dejection gripped him.

“In that difficult moment, someone reached out.”
Read More: Cyd Zeigler

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